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  • How do I contact G'Bye Rubbish?
    You can either call us on 0455 256 856 or email us at or use the quote form on our home page. We can remove all non-hazardous rubbish; For example: Household rubbish Garden waste Food waste Commercial building rubbish Renovation and construction debris Appliances White goods Cardboards Glass
  • What do you do with the rubbish you collect?
    We dispose of all the waste as ethically and safely as possible. Our company practice has the environmental effects of the waste at the forefront of our processes. All rubbish and waste that can be recycled, is sorted and directed to the nominated facilities accordingly.
  • Can you give me a exact quote over the phone or by email?
    When you contact us, we’ll ask you a range of questions, detailing the rubbish services you require. Based on the information provided, we are then able to give an estimate. This is however dependant on a full assessment of the rubbish and waste on site, where we can then determine in full, the exact type of rubbish and volume that needs attention, which can be made difficult to complete at times, over the phone.
  • Do I have to be onsite for you to remove rubbish?
    Not necessarily. Provided there is clear access to the site, our driver can enter without your presence, as long as it is safe and we are permitted to do so. Upon arrival to site, we’ll give you a quick call to confirm and assess the price and services required before commencing works.
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